We are happy to announce that MATURI mini library is now available as a special offer!! This library contains the sounds of Japanese festival MATURI recorded in the past years. It would be an honor if these sounds could add a little spice to your BG tracks when there is such a scene… And please

PAPER & DRAWING FX features PAPER-BASED DAILY MOTION & DISTINCTIVE sounds… PAPER & DRAWING FX have been created PAPER-BASED DAILY MOTION SOUNDS & DISTINCTIVE SOUNDS using unique paper quantities such as JAPANESE “Washi” PAPERS, CARDBOARDS, and BOOKS. PAPER MOTION SET features paper & book-based actions: JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY, WRITING, CRUMPLING, SQUISHING, TEARING, TURNING PAGES, and many. DRAWING FX SET features paper-based drawing effects: ODD TEXTURE EFFECT which can be processed

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STREAM RIVER & WATERFALL vol2. Get EARLY BIRD 30% DISCOUNT now!! *expiry: 2019/11/25 Available in each set: STREAM RIVER SET: 64 sound files from 31 locations WATERFALL SET: 24 sound files from 12 locations 43 locations from various perspectives. STREAM / RIVER & WATERFALL features WATER MOVEMENT from JAPAN and NEW ZEALAND. Each STREAM and RIVER

RAIN new release!

New sound library release from Anti-Node Design!! RAIN features various kind of RAIN AMBIENCES and EFFECTS from different parts of CITIES and FORESTS. In forests, you can find sounds of RAIN FALLING ON DIRT and LEAVES and more. In addition to the sound of CAR PASSING BYS and RAIN TRAFFICS in cities, you can also

New sound library release from Anti-Node Design. This library selects the sounds that can be used for the passing sounds of ARROWS, SHURIKENS, and other PROJECTILES. Discharge & hit are also included in each file. on SPECIAL PRICE Plus a bonus discount! Buy PROJECTILE SWISH and other libraries and a 10% discount will be auto-applied at checkout! *limited-time only



SWISHES for flying objects. ARROWS, BULLETS, KNIVES, KATANA!?…    

New sound library release from Anti-Node Design SHORES island edition features both varieties of beaches and cliffs from Oshima island, Japan, and extra harbors & boats are also included. While calm beaches have relaxing atmospheres, cliffs sound aggressive that like onboard ships. And others like rocky beaches create colorful sounds. ORDER NOW

We have been working on this for a while and now it’s live! Now you can select by segment for your convenience! For instance, you can find just train station ambiances in our TRAINS and WATER SET in FOREST summer edition and upcoming library MOTOR FAN household edition will be also segmented by internal mechanical