We have been working on this for a while and now it’s live! Now you can select by segment for your convenience! For instance, you can find just train station ambiances in our TRAINS and WATER SET in FOREST summer edition and upcoming library MOTOR FAN household edition will be also segmented by internal mechanical

MOTOR FAN household edition features both Internal & External mechanical sound from household items. Motors and compressors found in Kitchen, ACs & outdoor units, heaters and compressors and more. You can not predict from its size…It may sounds mechanical room from sci-fi movies. Dear sound designers, sound editors, sound lovers. MOTOR FAN household edition library is out now!!


Every area in Tokyo has a unique landscape and distinguishing atmospheres. Because of its being a metropolitan city, once step aside to alleys, skyscrapers defuse traffic sound which becomes city rumbles and only delivers distant trains and distant traffics. And on the contrary, main streets are always busy with traffics and pedestrians. Dear sound designers,

FOREST summer edition

Dear sound designers, sound editors, sound lovers. Our FOREST summer edition library is out now!! Click here to see FOREST Summer Edition detail  


*update2018/4/29 More descriptions are added. (just changed metadata, so nothing changed how it sounds!!) Everyone who already purchased Shore library will receive updated download links. Thank you for your continued support!! team AND Dear sound designers, sound editors, sound lovers. SHORES library is out now. ODER NOW SaveSave