Sunday, 08 March 2020 / Published in field recording

This is one photo of previous paper recordings.
The sounds are currently being edited.

Thursday, 24 October 2019 / Published in field recording

STREAM / RIVER & WATERFALL library will be released soon from Anti-Node Design.
Before do, I’d like to share some of the information from recordings.
I think google translate is always not trusty, so I wrote Japanese below the English writing this time.

Anti-Node DesignからSTREAM/RIVER&WATERFALLライブラリが間もなくリリースされます。
google translateは常に信用出来ないと思うので今回は英語の下に日本語を書きました。

This time of recordings, I mostly focused on the area we couldn’t record last time where Okutama in Tokyo, Ogawamachi and Hanno in Saitama, and Gunma.


Recently, I almost always use various microphones set up to get as many perspectives as possible.
As for this recording, my sets were always-very-trusted ortf set, spaced omni set, and sometimes nos and xy.
Spaced omni is perfect for mixing ambiances. Approximately 40cm apart from each other might be good.
And nos setup on boom worked great for wider streams and rivers from above.
And xy is great combination with a little wider ortf. I didn’t use much this time, but I recently had good results on ambiance recordings from this combo.

今回のレコーディングに関しては、常に信頼できるortf setとspaced omni set、そして時にはnosとxyを使用しました。
spaced omni setは周辺の環境を含めての収録に最適であります。約40cmぐらいの間を開けてセットすると良いのかもしれません。

I am currently editing sounds and will upload it as soon as ready.


Chao for now.

STREAM & WATERFALL vol.1 and PROJECTILE SWISH are on sale right now!!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019 / Published in field recording

Almost finish stream recordings and beginning editing.
I’d like to share some pics from locations just for now.