Saturday, 27 December 2014 / Published in field recording

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I have been visiting Chichibu winter night fes. last 3 years, and every year, they have great fireworks.
That is one of top reasons we’ve been re-visiting.
This Maturi (means fes.) launches in the beginning of winter season, so no insects bugging you like summer.
Though…It is deadly cold, so Nothing like a t-shirts with cold beer during summer fireworks…YES, that is also fun,
but as a sound guy, those insects bug me most….
As far as recordings, I have tried couple times over years, but always people around us….
You can already imagine what fes. like…I mean nothing against people’s exited as I do also,
but I sometimes dream of saying “please allow me to have a still moment just for few mins….;)”
But this year, I finally found one of best spot near Sankus convenience store!!
Those gigantic fireworks were shooting off just in front of us from a hill!!
And there were less people! Means less of talkings plus no insects to bug you!!
Great for shooting!! I really sunkus(thanks) for that!!
Those fireworks were set off about every 5 mins in 2 hours long event,
so we stayed “still” there outside in mountain area for over 2 hours!!
Results are great!! we could capture close shot of great japanese fireworks. Except….being outside during winter season especially in mountain area was like being in frig!!! We were almost freeze out to death!!
But, thanks again that we had Sunkus and got coffee to warm us.
Nice one of recordings.

Thanks for through reading my japanglish : )