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Black Friday 2021 Sale at!!

All libraries are 20% off during the sale.


*Sale ends: 11/30/2020

Wednesday, 09 September 2020 / Published in CINEMA SOUND, news

MATURI mini library is now available as a special offer at!!
Ok then, there is little more I want to tell you before accessing this library…

  1. Members’ password is required to access special offers.
    *It will be listed at the bottom of the email we sent you.
    Please remember we have two kinds of mailing lists.
    So what is the difference?

    Specifically about releases, sales, and you will also receive a pass to access special offers.
    More about field recordings and gears.

  2. This library has not specified the price, so we ask you to price it by yourself.
  3. We will also send coupons to those who fulfill certain conditions in this library.
  4. Please enjoy the creative process of your projects!!

If you already have the member password, GO TO MEMBERS PAGE or
See details of becoming members.

Monday, 01 June 2020 / Published in news

PAPER & DRAWING FX have been created paper-based daily motion sounds and distinctive sounds using unique paper quantities such as Japanese “Washi” papers, cardboard, and books.
The library consists of two segments: one is PAPER MOTION SET and the other is DRAWING FX SET.

PAPER MOTION SET includes everyday paper and book-based sounds such as writing, clamping, squeezing, tearing, and turning pages, and also Japanese calligraphy and so on.
DRAWING FX SET includes paper-based drawing effects in which odd texture sound can be processed as various sound effects such as whoosh, swish, boom, horror squeaking, and many!

All recordings are recorded @ 24bit 192kHz and carefully edited.


wash your hands, gargle, and keep your microphones clean!
Stay safe everyone!!