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English and Japanese description on this post.



  • ホワイトキューオン
  • 2×4木材×4
  • 突っ張り用器具×2
  • プラ板
  • 両面テープ
  • タッカー


    1. 木材を突っ張り器具で固定、横の木材は釘で固定、スピーカー後部に位置するよう木枠を作る。
    2. プラ板に遮音シートを両面テープで貼る。
    3. プラ板を木材にタッカーで取り付ける。
    4. ホワイトキューオンを木枠の中に入れる。
    5. 表から布でカバーして裏でタッカーで固定する。

When I was at a local DIY store to pick up stuff, I noticed things might be useful for making acoustic panels…and it is much affordable than those you can find at gear shops.

So my search began…

At first, I started to look for absorbing foam which usually Rockwool is the first choice, but sometimes a troublesome task because it contains tiny glass material so it needs to be completely sealed otherwise, you ganna be scratching your arms while mixing…
But this Qon foam,

It is made from recycled polyester so no glass no itches and earth-friendly: )
You can just hang it on the walls if you insist the easiest way.

But Instead, I chose 2X4 wooden poles to make a square box to put on.
With clever extend-parts, it can be extended to room heights and stayed there as if screwed on. Nice!!!

And cloth, there are lots to choose from. I mean lots!!

Things I used:

  • Qon absorbing foam 910mmX1800mm x 1
  • 2X4 wooden poles x 4
  • extend-parts for wooden poles x 2
  • plastic board to cover back
  • insulation sheets on the back of absorbing foam
  • cloth to cover a foam
  • double-faced tape
  • big stapler to stick plastic panels and cloth to wood

Now constructing part.

  1. First, You need to stand two wooden poles apart and screw other two horizontally to make a square box.
    In my case, a foam was 910mmX1800mm, so I made it to come just behind speakers.
  2. Stick insulation sheets to plastic board using double-faced tape
  3. Put the plastic board and wooden pole together using a big stapler
  4. Place Qon absorbing foam inside this square box
  5. And last, cover foam with a cloth using a stapler


Needless to mention I spent hours to choose parts.
There are just many parts that I can think of using, but nothing mention which is good for acoustic panels…
Thanks to local DIY store and my free time: )

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