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Soundly seems cool FREE tool for sound effects.

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price: us at B&H
According to spec sheet, preamps are good as SD.

link to peoples review.

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Last week, I had a chance to demo out SD633 from Tech Trust Japan Co., LTD. where distributor of SD in Japan. Many thanks to Ms.Tezuka and Mr. Harada! They have excellent support for us.



Getting gears are hard deciding which to upgrade first.
Should I get mic first or pre? or both?
So due to test SD633 pres itself, I decided to use every one’s friend from Sweden Line Audio CM3.


Comparing size of SD633 with DR680


I think SD633 has much midness and details which delivers core of sound and fullness.
Despite the fact that there are some I could not agree….
One is that recording time on display is so tiny.
On the contrary, Time code has good view which makes more useful to check sync.
And other is gain function which unable to link together even though PFL can.
That makes hard to trim gains of stereo pair….
One last thing from few is multi function knobs.
It is good idea to have many useful features under one knob, but in my opinion there are sort of too many functions rely on one tiny knob. However, this knob makes SD633 so compact and that is great! May be we just need to get use to it…
Overall, I think SD633 has solid preamps like other SDs and many features in one small box.
That proves we can not be wrong with SD!

One additional note.
There are some Sd card compatibility issues.
Within one week, I quickly encountered this compatibility issue which formatted sd card started not mount on my Macbook pro, so I could not transfer files.
But I was able to record with this sd card without problems….which makes problem eventually….
I still do not know what causes, but after I formatted back to my camera, it is working fine now….

Thanks for stay reading japanglish:)