Friday, 23 October 2015 / Published in gear

I thought they make nice looking mic clips for all kinds.
They even have product line for my Line Audio cm3
Link: srsrecordingservices



Now interesting to know if they start printing wind shields….

Friday, 23 October 2015 / Published in gear


Pro Tools Expart share nice short cut for us.
Option+Shift+3 (Alt+Shift+3 on the PC) which will render a new file or files across the timeline selection. What far fewer people know is that by adding Ctrl (Start on the PC) Pro tools will render a -20dB, 1KHz sine wave across the edit selection.

I used to have 2pop sine wave files ready in my folder, and import them whenever I need them, but I guess I do not need them anymore with this short cut; quickest way to make 1khz tone at -20dB!!
Just added my shortcut list!!