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Now, My imagination of SciFi movie BG in residence area would be couple small drones pass here and there between dialogue:)

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Thank you very much everyone for your continued support last year.
We will be continuing support for every creative imaginations and projects out there.
Wishing everyone a great sound life in 2018!

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I really enjoyed watching Blade Runner 2049.
This movie has nice tempo along with great sound design and music.
That makes me wonder what if Jóhann Jóhannsson’s was out….
But that goes mystery now.
Sound design was one of my favorite out of those in past few years.
Delicate impact sounds stand on subtle charm futuristic ambs.

But that is my opinion…
Each of us has our own taste for seeing and listening things.
Let’s see what other says.

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I tested encoding xavc s to H.264 using free software HANDBRAKE
HANDBRAKE is a really good solution when it comes to need of video conversion.
It supports number of video formats within this user friendly interface.
I think many of us already using this free app, so do I.
I mostly use it to convert from xavc s to h.264.
And I am recently researching a bit about decent setting for decent result.
Less loss means good or even best, but takes time to convert and pain the a??…
So here is the result of speed and quality so far.



 normal preset setting
convert time: within a second



tweaked a bit
convert time: few mins

and see the result?
May be normal one is little blur (I am not a video guy, so excuse my lack of explanation.)
But both has decentness especially for digital media.

And my experiment on video shooting continues….

I would like to hear your thoughts