Great Sites when you need to know about sounds

Presented in a random order…

Designing sound is a resource dedicated to the art and technique of sound design, with the aim of sharing information and knowledge for free.
Great articles to read.

Sound Work Collection
It is great to watch interviews of well known sound designers and read latest film news.

Chris Watson
Great field recordist.
He has been capturing rhythms of nature.

creative field recording
Blog by Paul Virostek from “Air borne sound” sound library site.
He has a lot of in’s and out’s of sound effects. He recently published book about field recordings.

video & filmmaker
Events, reviews and tricks about sound&picture.
You can find many topics focusing picture and camera, but also find sounds and sound tracks.
They surely telling us great pictures with great sounds become great art forms.

Sonic Terrain
Sonic Terrain aims to offer a place for those disciplines to be cross-pollinated in order to expose everyone to aspects of sound, recording and reality they may not have considered yet.

sounds like noise
This site was originally set-up to explore Australia’s northern New South Wales region through a collection of field recordings and experimental soundscapes however over time it has expanded to include ruminations about sound and its relationship to our social and environmental heritage.”

sound mind
Sound has character and is important character of every story.

John Stanmeyer
Great photographer. His work can be found on National Geographic Magazine, and many other.
He is also collecting sounds.
I believe beautiful sceneries come with beautiful sounds more often.

All about gears.
If you would like to read reviews about gears and tricks, this is it.

Avid Protools
No need to explain.
No matter what we think we need this…..Great software.

Ableton Live
I use this software to make music and beats.
Fun to experiment with.
Some secret features like Ableton live hidden features hits my interests time to time….

Sonic bloom (ableton live)
This site tells tricks on Ableton Live.

Ableton Live Expert
Ableton Live tip blog.

Michael Raphael’s blog who runs rabbit ear’s audio library site.

Founded by Sound Designer and Composer Dave Whitehead

Music of Sound
This is, please allowed me to say my mentor, Tim Prebble‘s site from New Zealand.
His experiments with sound and pictures always attract people.
You can also find his sound libraries on “HISS and a ROAR.”

Sound design and atmosphere sound libraries form Swiss sound designer and field recordist
Guido Helbling.

Post Apocalypse Sound
Specializes in Foley recording and editing in Los Angeles. At over 1,300 sq ft, this is one of the largest Foley stages in the world.

and more to come…