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Thank you very much for supporting us over the last year.
Your support gives us the best motivation to make great sound libraries at Anti-Node Design.
We will continue put much effort into providing the best quality sound effects that we can.
Wishing everyone good health, happiness and great sound lives in 2019.

Hide Aoki

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  • ステップ1 整理整頓
  • ステップ2 AAF書き出し(オーディオファイルのみ)
  • Audio Format: Broadcast Wave
  • Bit Depth: 24Bit
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • Haddle Frames (ファイルの余白)500frame程度。(編集時にセリフの入っていない場所を使う場合がありますのであまり短すぎないように。)
  • ステップ3 ガイド画像の書き出し
  • Video: MOV
  • codec: Avid DNxHDまたはapple ProRes
  • Audio: PCM/Wav stereo (24Bit48kHz)


  • デリバリーファイルまとめ
    • aaf形式で書き出しされたファイルとそれに付随する音源。
    • タイムコード表示されたMOVファイル (ガイド音源を含)。



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According to SONOSAX, it is a lightweight 2 channels high resolution dual-domain microphones preamplifier with integrated USB audio Class 2.
Looks good and simple Swiss design.

Details at SONOSAX

Inputs / Outputs
2x mic/line inputs on TA3, electronically balanced, with phase reversal, 48V phantom, LF cut and level control on the front panel
1x AES3/AES42 on TA3, transformer balanced input with phase reversal, 48V phantom, LF cut and level control on the front panel
1x line output on TA3, 2 channels analog unbalanced
1x AES3 output on TA3, 2 channels transformer balanced with ASRC (48/96/192k)
1x USB audio 2 channels input/output on micro USB type B connector
independent line/headphones stereo output on mini-jack

135 dB (A-weighted) overall dynamic range
THD < 0.001%
90 kHz overall frequency response @192kHz
24-bit 48/96/192kHz

external DC 9-18V on Hirose 4-pin
external DC 5V on micro USB
removable lithium-ion battery, charged with external DC input
intelligent energy management
User interface
128×64 monochrome OLED display
two rotary encoder for gain control
intuitive menu navigation

Machined aluminum housing
overall dimension: 74 x 28 x 130 mm (2.9’’ x 1.1’’ x 5.1’’)
weight 300g (0.44lbs) with battery
mounting holes on both sides
optional mounting bracket for still camera
Note: preliminary specifications, subject to change without notice


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Since Line Audio cm3 is so tiny, it was hard to find a windshield that fits. On top of that, ws10 might be too gorgeous…Plus I wanted to make a small set to fit in my bag along with mkh8040s in ws10.
So this BBG came better than what I expected! The actual dimension of oball’s smaller circle was just as size as rubber bushing which Inside dimension was the same size as cm3 (20mm). PERFECT!^^!

I just made quick comparison of DIY BBG and Rycote baseball
(nnn…baseball is not so good for outdoor use, but…)

Audio is just as raw from inside Rycote baseball.

Wave from BASEBALL

Audio is just as raw from inside Oball.

Wave from Oball

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This is great solution for zoom f8 using external battery.
With this Anker PowerCore 10000 mobile battery (10000mAh, full charged) and LANMU’s 5v to 12v usb to dc connector, Zoom f8 could run 8 hours ( 11.7~6v continuously ) with 8 tracks phantom on.
That means with internal battery I can go a day which is good enough for field recording as I just need to power up zoom f8 right before hit rec. If you are location sound guy, you can go for more powerful mobile battery.

Size of this mobile battery is 92 × 60 × 22(mm) and Weight 180g, so much smaller and lighter than carrying extra AA batteries and much nice to walk around with full of gears!

And importantly, usb mobile batteries are affordable and convenient, so I don’t think I need to invest on Np1 or sony’s batteries anymore!^^!

Thanx to Saturday Sound Guy for great introduction.

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In June 2018,
Taiwan was great but steamy hot!!
Because it located in the south of Okinawa in Japan, more humid and hotter!!
I recommend early spring or autumn for the trip and rent a bicycle at least.
If you walk distant with gears under this kind of weather, you eventually gonna turn into Zombie in the end!!

Other than that,
delicious food which has a hybrid taste between Japanese and Chinese as not too delicate and expensive but not too spicy or salty. we really enjoyed it.
And I surprised that some elderlies can speak Japanese. As Japanese, It was a rare situation in a foreign country especially words from elderlies, but that is because of Taiwan history which they were under Japanese government for 50 years decades ago. Anyway, It was so nice to hear Japanese in another country!
One time while I was on recording scooters in the street, one man came to me with golf club and walk around me with kind a suspicious looking and spoke up some Chinese, so I said “Sorry I’m Japanese” anxiously in English but he seems not understanding a bit, so I said it in Japanese then he started talking Japanese almost fluently asking what am I doing, so I explained to him and he replied “Oh NOISE!!” in Japanese. YES, he was maybe right……..But that was the only word he did not use correctly from my perspective…

Yes, there was continuous scooters anthem in every rush hours!! Just never stop!
It was funny that just before lights turning green, they start to rev up the engine one by one to make a head start. I think that is addictive thing and became habit.

AND cicadas!
It was just continuous hiss noise! They don’t breath like Japanese cicadas.
At first, I was hearing a big electric hiss from elsewhere.
Maybe cicadas or maybe just an electric hiss sounds like cicadas….

Scooters&Cicadas&Japanese spoken word from elderly when you least expected.

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Korg MS20 tips by gattobus