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I’ve been looking for a variety of field recording bags, and in the past, I used to curry microphones in arc’teryx miura 45 and pieces of equipment in another bag, but now I can store much in this Peak Design Travel Duffelpack bag.
As you have already seen how Tim Prebble uses this bag, this bag opens from your back so no need to worry about getting dirt on your back anymore!

I tested compatible as a field recording bag, and the result was It could hold gears more than I thought.

But how about its maximum load capacity? I’ve asked them before purchasing, and their quick kind answer was they tested at well over 200+ without signs of failure!
YES! & NICE! They have such great customer support!

It is the best bag for me so far which I’d like to recommend to all colleagues and field recordists out there.

45L min, 65L max

Standard: 66cm x 38 cm x 30cm (26" x 15" x 12") Circumference: 110cm (43")

Expanded: 66cm x 42 cm x 34cm (26" x 17" x 13") Circumference: 134cm (53")
(expansion panels expand bag diameter the most thus creating a large volume increase of 20L)

Standard: 26in (66cm) x 9.5in (24cm) x 9in (23cm)
Expanded: 26in (66cm) x 15in (38cm) x 9in (23cm)
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Since Line Audio cm3 is so tiny, it was hard to find a windshield that fits. On top of that, ws10 might be too gorgeous…Plus I wanted to make a small set to fit in my bag along with mkh8040s in ws10.
So this BBG came better than what I expected! The actual dimension of oball’s smaller circle was just as size as rubber bushing which Inside dimension was the same size as cm3 (20mm). PERFECT!^^!

I just made quick comparison of DIY BBG and Rycote baseball
(nnn…baseball is not so good for outdoor use, but…)

Audio is just as raw from inside Rycote baseball.

Wave from BASEBALL

Audio is just as raw from inside Oball.

Wave from Oball