We are happy to announce that MATURI mini library is now available as a special offer!!
This library contains the sounds of Japanese festival MATURI recorded in the past years.
It would be an honor if these sounds could add a little spice to your BG tracks when there is such a scene…
And please do me a favor…
This library doesn’t have a price tag yet, so please decide on yourself!!

Ok then, there is little more I want to tell you before accessing this library…

  1. Members’ password is required to access special offers.
    *It will be listed at the bottom of the email we sent you.
  2. This library has not specified the price, so we ask you to price it by yourself.
  3. We will also send coupons to those who fulfill certain conditions in this library.
  4. Please enjoy the creative process of your projects!!

Thank you for your continued support for us!
Best regards
Hide Aoki

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